Judy Larkin

My fascination with stone is absolute – as a manifestation of the creation of Earth; a primordial spirit created from an explosion of energy, dust and matter over 13 billion years ago.  Changing into extraordinary new forms through unending metamorphosis, sometimes violently under pressure, sometimes slowly and quietly through the eroding effects of elemental forces, carving stone provides me with a means to communicate form and a route map to construction – a framework for shaping, building, taking away and hollowing.  The integrity of stone somehow conflates robustness and also frailty.

My interest lies in modern art and architecture, in the effects of form and structure, texture and light but also in the representation of radical political and social change and transformation through large scale figurative and abstract sculpture.  Sculpture as a spacial art is both practical and philosophical in outlook.

I am an admirer of Constantin Brancusi who believed that while ‘simplicity is not an end in art, we usually arrive at simplicity as we approach the true sense of things’. This is so evident in his portrait and abstract heads in bronze, stone and wood. It is also apparent in the architectural stature of Isamu Noguchi, the radicalism of Jacob Epstein and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and in Moore’s sculptural Shelter Drawings, Gabo’s ‘Constructions’ and Hepworth’s organic and human forms.  I love the explorative and abstract use of materials, craft and manufacture used by sculptors such as Richard Serra, Tony Cragg, Rachel Whiteread, Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon.




I work from my studio on Chichester Harbour, primarily using sandstone, limestone, alabaster, soapstone and slate. Each has distinct qualities and challenges for carving.

Examples of my work are on this site and many are for sale. They are ideally suited for small commercial, and domestic interiors. In addition, I undertake larger work for interior and exterior locations either for my own exhibitions or as commisions. I am always delighted to undertake commissions, on any scale, either through discussing existing work themes or through exploring new visual themes and materials.

Please contact me for an informal discussion or to arrange a studio visit.